Multiklune is a clowning collective centred around Tim Gibbons. It is a collective in two senses, firstly, the collection of clown characters which Tim uses in his performances and, secondly, it refers to the group of other clowns he collaborates with .


Tim Gibbons has many years experience in drama and performance, from his training and practise as a drama teacher in schools, his work as a Performance Artist, his training and work with Augusto Boal, the Brazilian theatre director who invented Theatre of the Oppressed and his training with Nose To Nose clown group where he learnt a modern French style of clowning based on improvisation to find your own unique clown.
He has run many workshops based on a blend of street clown, social clown and clowning for wellbeing.


Tim also runs laughter yoga workshops. These involve laughter exercises, yoga breathing and playful fun for health and well being. Benefits of laughter yoga include:
  •      Stress relief – reduces adrenaline and cortisol
  •      Lessens anxiety, fear, depression – raises serotonin levels
  •      Enhances the immune system – boosts natural anti-viral and anti-cancer cell activity
  •      Improves respiratory and cardiovascular systems – dilates blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure
  •      Relieves pain – produces an endorphin-like effect
  •      Encourages relaxation of muscles and mind
  •      Boosts self-confidence, promotes compassion, deepens creativity
   A typical workshop will include:
              A brief introduction and welcome
              A body warm up
              Breathing exercises
              Laughter exercises
              Positive affirmations
              Guided relaxation
              Wish for peace
    See dates page for times and venue of workshops.